Mens suede chelsea boots

Suede chelsea boots have a special quality all of their own.  It's hard to define, but you know when you see it, and when you're wearing them.  Once you're a fan, you're hooked.

The chelsea boot has a long history of being cool, associated with sixties London, Hollywood, and it's still the boot of choice for stylish men worldwide.   Leather chelsea boots can even step is as a dress shoe, worn with a business suit in the office and boardroom.

The suede chelsea though has a different feel - more casual, relaxed and informal.  They are more associated with jeans or chinos and a care-free attitude.

Thomas Bird currently offers a selection of different suede chelsea boots.

We offer two main styles of chelsea boot - Eastwood and Manhattan.

Both are made in Italy with fine quality suede, calf linings and stitched soles.

Eastwood is only available in three suede colours - tan suede, brown suede and grey suede.   Eastwood is a classic chelsea with Italian lines and a rubber, hard wearing insert in the sole.

Our other chelsea, Manhattan, is available in black suede, black calf and tan suede.  These chelsea boots feature a higher 40mm heel and are cut slightly higher up the ankle. 

The photo below shows Eastwood in grey suede being worn with blue jeans.  Grey suede also looks good with black jeans and even a grey or black suit.

Eastwood chelsea boots in lighter brown tan suede seen below is a very popular chelsea boot.  It goes really well with blue and black jeans.  This is a brilliant weekend or evening casual chelsea.

The dark brown suede chelsea boots below also go well with jeans, but we've chosen to show the classic contrast with light chinos - the very cool retro sixties look inspired by icons such as Steve McQueen.

Finally, here's Manhattan, with it's sleek silhouette, higher 40mm heel, this Italian black suede chelsea boot is so versatile, pairing well with blue, black or as seen below, contrasting white jeans.  It features an all-leather sole, super soft calf leather linings and other features that makes it a premium chelsea boot.

The video shows Manhattan being worn on the streets of London by @dailytouchofclass.

So to recap, we've looked at four suede chelseas - four colours across two different styles.    Depending on your personal style and where you want to wear them you may want to go for:

Grey Suede Chelsea - Eastwood

Tan Suede Chelsea - Eastwood

Dark Brown Suede Chelsea - Eastwood

Black Suede Chelsea - Manhattan

Or to see them together, look at our suede chelsea collection.

Browse our complete chelsea boot collection, including both suede and calf leather.

So what do you think of suede chelsea boots?  Are you a fan too? 

Tell us what you think.

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Thomas Bird