The sky's the limit this season with new blue shoes and boots

Blue is the colour of the season

We've seen a steady increase in sales of blue shoes and boots over the last couple of years. And this has ramped up even more as we move towards the summer months.

We love blue, and are so pleased we added four more style options in blue tones.

Many ignore blue, but why?

Blue is a colour often either ignored or misunderstood by many people. We are happy to wear blue jeans, shirts and suits but forget about choosing blue for our footwear.

But the super stylish will often have a pair or two of blue shoes when they want to add a touch of flair.

Styling with blue shoes and boots

One of the biggest choices is whether to match blue shoes to an outfit or to go for a contrasting look.

Option 1 - matching blue shoes with a blue suit

Here's an example of Benn, @dailytouchofclass, wearing Thomas Bird blue monkstraps with a blue suit. It's a strong, purposeful look.

Here's another example. This time we see Luigi, @thesuitedtraveller wearing custom blue Thomas Bird wholecuts with a blue suit.

Patina wholecuts have extra sparkle so provide a subtle contrast to the suit even though everything is a shade of blue.

Option 2  - contrasting blue shoes with a suit

To make blue shoes a real statement, contrast them with a different coloured suit.

In this example, we see Luigi wearing the same custom blue Thomas Bird wholecuts with a contrasting dark maroon suit.

Contrasts can be both in terms of colour and the depth of the finish. In this other example, we see Luigi wearing custom blue Thomas Bird wholecuts with a contrasting lighter, more neutral suit, so that the blue shoes really add a pop of colour.

Luigi is a master of details so he will pick out small details like blue stitching in the suit so that there is a subtle harmony at play. 

Option 3 - blue shoes with a contrasting outfit

Blue works well with a less formal outfit and jacket/trousers combination.

In this example we see Ed, @edruizmx, wearing Thomas Bird blue tassel loafers with crisp white jeans.

It's less formal than a suit but still so stylish. 

He achieves an elegant look by choosing a blue jacket and light blue shirt to balance the blue shoes.


Here's another smart/casual look, this time from Ravi, @dapper_rav, wearing Thomas Bird blue penny loafers with a check jacket and blue/grey trousers.

Styling Blue Boots

Black and brown chelsea boots are often worn with blue or black jeans. So how about changing things up a little and wearing blue boots?

Here are some Thomas Bird Eastwood blue chelsea boots contrasting with black jeans.

What a statement! Not just another guy in boots and jeans.

And here are blue Milan chelsea boots worn with blue trousers to create a completely different, more matched look.  Blue jeans would also work well.

Blue suede shoes

If blue is a little more casual and fun than other colours, then blue suede is even more so.

Here are some blue suede monk straps in a casual look with chinos.

And here are the same blue suede monkstraps with a navy blue suit. It's a very different look. It's quite corporate and formal with that hint that the wearer is not a follower or conformist.

The blue suede loafers below can be worn in the same more formal way with a blue suit, or contrasted as shown below, sockless with chinos.

Relaxed and smart?

Blue Belts

Blue shoes make a stylish statement, but a matching blue leather belt or navy blue suede belt really completes the look.

In this photo we're matching blue monkstraps with a blue leather belt.

Even the metal buckles are matching.

Blue leather bags and accessories

Blue leather bags make a great alternative to traditional black, brown and tan bags.

This photo shows our blue briefcase/messenger bag.

We also offer a matching blue leather backpack and large blue weekend bag.


So is blue your colour?

We hope by now that you share our love for all things blue.

Shoes, boots, suede, matching or contrast. There are so many stylish possibilities.

So how would you style with blue?

All the best, 

Thomas Bird