Ladies, leap in this Valentine's day - the shoe is on the other foot

Valentines day, 14 February, is romantic and often special, but can get even more special if it falls on a leap year, like 2024.

Tradition has it that in a leap year, the tables are turned, and the woman can propose to their man.

The tradition goes back to the 5th century in Ireland, as the idea of St. Patrick to deal with men who were talking a little too long or were just too shy to pop the question themselves. 

The idea even became law in 13th century Scotland, following people migrating from Ireland to Scotland.

Queen Margaret also decreed that any man refusing a marriage proposal in a leap year had to pay a fine. This could range from a simple kiss to pair of silk gloves.

It's now become a tradition in many other countries. And some of the fines are quite hefty.

Setting the right mood and showing your man you care

Men with ideas of romance often buy gifts of champagne, flowers or chocolates as traditional symbols of love. Of course, a romantic, candle-lit dinner always helps.

But what should a woman give to a man?

Maybe a ticket to see his favourite sports team or band might be a nice surprise.  Maybe a new watch, golf club or supercar experience? Most men have their passions and interests - just find what his are and he will be putty in your hands.

Or better still, a fine pair of Italian made shoes or boots?

Say 'I do', with a shoe?  

Yes, women are calling the shots (as if we didn't already know)

The gentleman in the photo below is already immaculately dressed, wearing an impeccable grey suit and pair of Thomas Bird scarlet red wholecut oxfords.

Any man looking that good, individual and self assured is bound to get a lot of interest.

But can he maintain that bachelor status?

He may just need a nudge. And it's hard to argue with any woman wearing black chelsea boots.

When a man loves a woman

Percy Sledge said it all in his 1966 soul classic. 'When a man loves a woman, he can't keep his mind on nothing elseHe'll trade the world for the good thing he's found'.

And as Jane Austin famously wrote in her first line of her novel 'Pride and Prejudice':
'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife'.

Should a woman propose on one knee?

Well we don't have a definite answer on this one, but why not?  It creates a bit of theatre and will stop any passing people or traffic, who will love to see what happens next. They may even cheer.

Your man may be a bit shocked at first, before regaining his composure and that winning smile.

Ladies, are you ready?

If you do propose this Valentine's Day, we hope it goes well.  And we wish you both lots of luck and happiness in the future.

Please let us know how it went. We always love to see your photos.

All the best, and sending out love this February,

Thomas Bird


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