Getting the Perfect Shoe/Belt Combination

Here at Thomas Bird, we often talk about how your shoes can (and should) match your outfit. But don't stop there.

Ensuring that you are wearing the right belt for your shoes is also essential to making you look your best. Style is not just about a single pair of shoes (although it helps!), it is about your whole ensemble.

black ellington wholecut belt and accessories

Whether you are suiting up to attend an end of year awards dinner, you are wanting to show how stylish you are on a date night with your partner, or you are wanting a smart casual outfit for a night out with friends, it is essential that you match the right belt with your shoes.

grey suede belt with boots

A complimentary belt and shoe combination completes your look and proves to everyone that you’ve got an appreciation for style and taste – as if that was in doubt!

When you are choosing which belt to accompany your favourite Thomas Bird shoes, or boots there are a number of aspects that you need to consider, to ensure that you are looking dapper and that you are the one that everyone wants to talk to.

What's the best colour for my belt?

As a rule of thumb, your belt should always match your shoes in terms of colour, especially when wearing dress shoes. If you cannot find exactly the same colour, go as close as possible to your shoe colour.

Alternatively, you could look for colours that complement each other if you are wearing casual shoes. One thing that would definitely attract the wrong kind of attention, however, would be to wear a black belt with brown shoes or vice versa.

An elegant pair of Black Oxford Wholecut shoes would only look right with a classic fine quality black leather belt for that important black-tie event. It is a subtle, classical look whilst showing that you a reliable, responsible, and, above all, that you’ve got style.
matching belt colourful shoes

If you are looking for an outfit with a splash of colour and individuality without losing formality, a stunning pair of Oxblood Harrow Cap Toe shoes should be worn with a classic oxblood leather belt to complete your look.

oxblood mens leathe belt
For a more casual look, you could think about a Blue Hampton Penny Loafer shoe teamed perfectly with a classic, rich, tan leather belt. These two colours compliment each other like whiskey and a cigar and will ensure that you are among the most stylish in the room. If you choose to wear a pair of shoes with a range of different colours, such as our Green Custom Patina Benson Wholecut shoes, the good news is that you have the choice of the different tones that are present. For these shoes, we love a custom patina green leather belt to attract just the right kind of attention.  green custom patina belt

Do belts always have to be smooth and shiny?

Another aspect to look at is the texture of your shoes or boots. If you have glossy shoes, you should go for a glossy belt. Suede shoes, you guessed it, a suede belt. The reality is that mixing and matching texture is a definite no-no and generally makes you look pretty strange.

blue suede leather belt

A pair of timeless tan suede Eastwood Chelsea boots are perfect for all kinds of different occasions, are beautifully comfortable, and look great. But they wouldn’t be complete without a matching tan suede leather belt to finish off the outfit.
suede belts and boots

Your dashing classic-style Aubergine Ellington Brogue Wholecuts look classy and stylish with a touch of individuality. Paired with a simple aubergine leather belt you can highlight the deep, rich purple of the leather, breaking away from a traditional black or brown, whilst staying smart, sharp, and get you noticed for the right reasons.

matching ellington belt

Make sure your metals match

A key consideration when it comes to boot and belt combinations is the metal that decorates them. If possible, metals should be matched – including on watch straps if possible. You can make a real statement by matching your metal buckles on your belt and boots.

belts buckles

A shiny boot buckle should never be paired with a distressed belt buckle and vice versa, for example. The same thing with colours – silver with silver, gold with gold, but try to avoid silver with gold.

These elegant yet rugged grey suede Vincent Harness Zip boots contrast beautifully with our quality Italian black suede belt whilst the mutual shiny silver buckles tie the two together like a fine dining wine pairing. 

olive leather belt

There are various options for the metal in your belt, brass, gold etc, but we always go with silver. It's a classic, neutral and goes with everything. Especially our collections with buckles, have a look at our Vincent Harness Boots or Monk Straps.
matching monk strap and belt

Belt Styles

A belt’s a belt, I hear you say. Well, that’s not technically true. In fact, there are belts, and then there are belts. In addition to the colour, texture, and buckle metal on a belt, there are also different belt sizes. The width of a belt is also an important aspect to think about.

custom patina tan leather belt

When it comes to belt widths, a wider belt will normally have a more casual look – and a narrower belt looks more formal.

The important thing to remember is that you should never wear a casual belt with a formal outfit. For formal occasions, you need to wear a colour, shine, and buckle matching belt – and try to match this with your watch and wallet if you can too.

black bensons and belt

Belt Selection at Thomas Bird

Although there are some belt staples that every man needs – a smart black leather belt, for example – the reality is that a selection of different belts is essential. Even if you buy a high-quality belt which you meticulously care for, it will wear out – and nobody wants a tatty belt!

With a few different high-quality leather belts to choose from, you can make them last for longer, switch up your look, and show the world what a style guru you are.

oxblood monk strap, belt and accessories

Here at Thomas Bird, we have a wide range of leather, suede, and grain belts in a selection of traditional colours and snazzy custom patinas. They are made of top-quality Italian leather and are perfectly suited to match our extensive range of stylish, hand-crafted shoes and boots and can be bought according to your waist size. suede boots and belts x 4

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Good luck choosing the right belt, we know you'll like our selection.
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