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"Without question, these are the best-looking shoes I’ve ever worn. To me. they look and feel way more expensive than their price. At just shy under $300. you get a very luxurious pair of shoes that feel and look good.

I wore the Wholecut Benson Oxford for work as they go well with dress pants. The wholecut design, meaning the upper is one continuous piece of leather, is very clean and the silhouette of the shoe is elegant. Several people who I know arc shoe geeks immediately asked me who made them when I had them on. These are absolutely my go-to shoes for any formal events I have coming up.

Thomas Bird Dress Shoe Collection Made in Italy

When it comes to casual shoes. three factors stand out as important to me: look, comfort, and danceability. The look on Harrison Loafer is pretty undeniable: they are objectively attractive shoes, and wearing them, I felt good about the version of myself I was presenting to the world. In terms of comfort. I was a bit nervous about the sizing because I’ve always had a problem with width in shoes, but my pair was a perfect fit. And while I haven’t gotten to take them to a wedding yet, based on the results of a preliminary danceability study conducted in my living room, these kicks pass with flying colors.

As someone who has never worn brogues before, wearing the Madison Derby Brogue was a bit of a shock. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with brogues. I love how they look, but never tried them on because I was afraid about how they will look on me. But I was wrong. they looked amazing! If you’re the type of person who notices others footwear. you should definitely invest in your own stylish pair. You very well may find yourself thinking that your shoes look better than your suit."

Madison Brown Wingtip Derby Made in Italy

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