A weekend in the city, one suitcase - mixing up the styles

If you're an A lister or just super rich, you probably have lots of beautiful clothes and some serious wardrobe space. The rest of us however have limited budgets and space, so the right choices become very important.

So faced with one suitcase and three days (and nights) in the big city, which items and looks would you go for?

There is often a need to mix and match, so that items can combine into different outfits and looks.  You may want one look for work or dressier occassions, another for hitting streets and night life and another for relaxing on Sunday afternoon.

Let's just say upfront that our thing is Quality over Quantity. Better we think to have three pairs of quality shoes or boots than a cupboard of average or mediocre quality. Maybe it's just that once you experience the good things you don't want to go back to average. Applies to lots of things.

In our experiment, we wanted to find looks that would look good at work on a Friday, when doing your thing through Saturday and into the evening, and finally relaxing on a Sunday.

We decided to spend the day with our friend Luca Ribero in London, with a strictly limited set of clothes and footwear.  We wanted to try and fit them all into one overnight bag and picking just three pairs of Thomas Birds to see what we could do.

So what did we choose?

Friday - work and play

We had to pick a killer shoe.  So we went with our grey wholecut.

The wholecut oxford is sleek, stylish and different to most formal shoes you see around. Black is a good, very popular choice. But we went with dark grey. It's a little different, it fits in with formal and work looks, but is a little more edgy and individual.

Wholecut shoes look smart for work

Wholecuts look really good with a sharp business suit, and also go well with the mid length coat shown above.

This smart casual combo is also perfect when you hit the bars after work.

Wholecut shoes in street close up

For work and smart occassions - our pick: Grey wholeut oxford.

Saturday - out on the town - turning up the style

Maybe you're doing the streets or heading for the nightlife.  Are you blending in or standing out?

We went for the Vincent black leather harness boot.  The look is sleek, the heel a little higher, and the harness adds to the whole effect.

Black harness boots in the street

Paired with blue jeans and black leather jacket, this bold look works as a daytime street look and going out until the early hours.

Black harness boots in the street close up detail

Saturday daytime and nightime in the city - our pick: Black leather harness boot.

Relaxing on Sunday

Time to relax and kick back a little. Maybe you're a shoe guy. Maybe you're a boot guy.  We love to wear boots whenever we can, so for this Sunday/meeting with friends at the cafe look, we stayed with harness boots, but softened the look with our tan suede Vincent harness boot.

Tan suede harness boots in street look stylish and casual

These paired nicely with the blue jeans from Saturday and long grey coat we used on Friday. 

The look is stylish and individual but casual. Obviously you've made no appararent effort right? But you still look like an A lister out on the streets?  We like that.

Tan suede harness boots in street close up

Sunday relaxing - our pick: tan suede harness boot.

One weekend - three looks...

Three different styles for weekend in London

We hope you liked our choices.  But maybe you have better ideas?

Three different styles

In summary - to get these looks, you will need:

A mid length grey or neutral coat.
Black leather jacket.
Black or dark trousers/pants or jeans.
Blue Jeans

And from Thomas Bird:

Benson grey wholecuts - see all our wholecuts.
Vincent black leather harness boots.
Vincent tan suede harness boots

If you like harness boots, have a look at our harness boot collection. We also offer the look and same boot without the harness in our Memphis style, in black leather and black suede.

We hope you liked this article. It was fun doing it. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Just leave us a comment below.

And you can see lots more photos of our shoes and boots being worn on:

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All the best,

Thomas Bird

(PS What would be your top three picks from our collection?)

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