What do your shoes say about you?

I have always firmly believed that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes that he wears.

A well-dressed man who has adorned his feet with good quality, great-looking shoes really makes a statement. It shows that he cares about himself and takes the way that he’s perceived seriously. And that suggests that he cares about the lady (or man) in his life just as much.

But your shoes can tell us so much more than that. They can tell us more about your personality – if you’re outgoing and extroverted, practical, creative, or traditional, for example.

The choice that you make about what shoes you are going to wear really reflects your personality, and research shows that women judge men by their shoes twice as much as men judge women. So, this is something that you’ve got to get right!
Whether you’re wearing your favourite shoes for work, socialising, or are out for a special occasion, they’re telling us something about you before you even start talking, so what do they have to say about you?


Elegant whole cut Oxfords are formal and a classic shoe that any gentleman should have. They exude a look of someone who knows what they want and how to get it. If you love wearing Oxfords you’ve probably got a good job and appreciate the finer things in life, are responsible, maybe a little traditional, and certainly appreciate good tailoring.

Wearing a pair of Oxfords shows that you’re classy, a high-flier, comfortable at formal occasions, and full of ambition and drive. These whole cut brown Oxfords look great with formal navy trousers and give the impression that you are stable and able to competently deal with anything that comes your way.

Style: Benson wholecut conker brown, worn by @dailytouchofclass


If you pride yourself on your pair of exquisite Derbys, you are probably a little less traditional than if you were to be wearing a pair of Oxfords. They’re still serious shoes, but perhaps a little less formal – often worn by go-getting, responsible creative-types who are still looking to make a good impression.

Style: Buckingham oxblood derby blucher worn by@m_hoye

Derby-wearers are generally a little more relaxed and have a streak of individuality about them. These Oxblood Derby Bluchers show a spark of character whilst still being solid and reliable.

Brogues and Wingtips

Stylish Brogues or shoes with wingtips are cool and scream originality – as well as maybe a little eccentricity. These can be less formal than some shoes – perfect for creative people, and maybe someone who is looking for something a bit more relaxed at the weekend. That being said, Brogues and wingtip shoes are still serious shoes that show that you have a great eye for style.

Style: Madison brown wingtip brogues worn by @chesterblogger

Brogues-wearers are often creative or arty individuals who still have a touch of tradition in them. These brown Madison wingtip brogues are subtle yet can make blues and greys pop and show us that you really know how to dress well.

Monk Straps

Monk strap shoes are stylish, trendy, and a bit flashy – just like those who wear them! If you’re a monk strap lover, you probably are a bit extroverted, want to stand out, and are often the centre of attention. If you adore wearing your attention-attracting monk strap shoes, you’re probably an entertainer who loves making new friends, and has bags of confidence.

If you’re into your monk straps, you’re the popular one and the guy that everybody wants to be around, without a doubt. These modern, sleek, and stylish black Bourne monk strap shoes can be worn with anything and attract people to you without any extra effort.

Style: Bourne black monks worn by @mr.dasante

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are a classic, versatile, less formal shoe. A great pair of loafers says to everyone that you are stylish, adaptable, and can fit in anywhere. One of the reasons that loafers are loved so much is because they are comfortable as well as being practical and easy to get on with. And in my experience, the men who wear them are just the same!

Style: Hampton oxblood penny loafers worn by @edruizmenswear

When I see a man wearing penny loafers, I immediately think that he’s comfortable in any situation, easy going, but still appreciates looking and feeling good. These oxblood Hampton Penny Loafers say to me that the man who is wearing them values both being comfortable wherever they are, as well as looking sharp and classy.

More on colours

The colour of the shoes that you choose also has an impact on what they’re saying about you.

If you’re going for a traditional black shoe, it tells us that you are classy, safe, reliable, and adaptable. Black shoes can be worn for a range of different occasions, looking great with most things.

These black Benson Oxfords show that you are responsible and take your job seriously, whilst being versatile and looking perfect on any formal occasion.


Style: Benson black wholecut oxford worn by @m_hoye

If you prefer a more colourful shoe, the general rule is that the more colourful the shoe, the more extroverted you are likely to be.  The more flamboyant the shoes, the more colourful the personality!

These blue custom Patina Wholecut Benson shoes really make the blue in the outfit pop and show the wearer’s individuality and eccentricity.

Style: Blue custom patina wholecuts worn by @thesuitedtraveller

And look how these aubergine brogue wholecuts add real personality to this outfit.

Style: Ellington aubergine/eggplant brogue wholecuts worn by @edruizmenswear

It is uncanny how a man’s personality can be portrayed through the shoes that he chooses to wear. Whether you’re an Oxford man, prefer a simple Derby, or rather go all out with a pair of Monk Strap shoes, there is the perfect pair out there for you.

All the best,

Thomas Bird