Black Suede Chelsea Boots

We are big fans of the chelsea boot, which is why we offer such a choice of colours, in calf leather and suede.  One worth special mention is the black suede chelsea boot, which we like so much that we came up with two different styles.  So why, and what's the difference?

The chelsea  boot on the left is in our Eastwood style.  It is a fairly classic Italian cut chelsea.  It is an ankle boot with a 25mm, one inch heel.  The boot on the right is our Fleetwood style, also made in Italy.  It has a higher shaft ie it fits further up over the ankle, and it has a higher heel, 40mm, over one a half inches. 

It has a sleeker design. You can see the heels better in the next photo.


Which is your favourite?  Our customers are split between the two. Eastwood is sleek and classic. Fleetwood has more out there look which appeals to a lot of stylish men. 

Some men, with large wardrobes,  may wear both, For example Eastwood as a stylish day to day boot, and Fleetwood for special occasions and nights out.

One of these is Benn Bromley aka the ever stylish @dailytouchofclass, seen in London wearing a pair of suede Fleetwoods with white jeans.

Here's another photo of Benn with the full outfit. Jacket, denim shirt, white jeans and the black suede chelsea boots.

So Fleetwood has a higher heel, higher shaft and a slightly more sleek design. 

Eastwood is a little more classic but still with that great black suede look.

Both styles are made from high quality suede by master craftsmen in Italy.  They are fully leather lined and have pull loops to help pull them on.

Black suede also pairs very nice with a dark suit.  The colour tones and matches, but then on closer inspection it's clear these are not black shoes.  These are black suede chelsea boots...

Enough said?

You can find more details on both boots here:

Eastwood Black Suede Chelsea Boot

Fleetwood Black Suede Chelsea Boot

All of our chelsea boots can seen in our chelsea boot collection.

We are always interested in your views, so what do you think?

Thomas Bird