What are the best mens high heel boots to give extra height?

What are the best mens boots to give extra height?

Let’s face it, we’d all like a bit of extra height sometimes.

It can be much easier to have an impact on a room when you’re literally head and shoulders above the rest. Being a bit taller can make people literally look up to you, and statistically, being taller can make you more successful, and – I hate to say it – more desirable.

But unfortunately, not everyone has been blessed with those additional inches. The good news is for men of more modest height, however, that the solution comes in the form of a pair of height-boosting men’s high heel boots. The great thing is that a pair of stylish high heel boots not only give you the height, but they also enhance your appearance, give you a touch of style, and give you the confidence and swagger to rival John Wayne.

Photo: Higher heeled boots can look more elegant too, as seen here worn by @dailytouchofclass. Style: Thomas Bird Manhattan Chelsea Boots.

If you’re in need of a bit of extra height, you’re in good company. Some of the world’s most stylish men rock a good pair of high heel ankle boots – think Harry Styles with his beloved Chelsea boots or Tom Cruise with his height increasing shoes…

Having a pair of high heeled boots for men is about looking good, but, above all, feeling great. And when you feel great, everyone wants to be you, be around you, or do business with you.

If you are looking for a beautiful pair of boots to give you a lift, here are some ideas of men’s high heeled boots that are waiting for you…

Tan Suede Chelsea Boots

Tan suede Chelsea boots are the quintessential ‘Harry Styles boot’, with a 40mm stacked heel to give you a little height boost. These Chelsea boots have been modernised in the Manhattan style and are perfect with any outfit. Whether you want to stylise a formal suit or sharpen up your favourite pair of denims, tan suede Manhattan Chelsea boots do just the job.

Tan goes especially well with blue or black and the heel will give you an extra 4cm on your height.

Black Chelsea Boots

There aren’t many male style icons out there at the moment who don’t look sharp in a pair of tall leather heel stack black Chelsea boots. In the same style as the YSL boots, black Chelsea boots can be worn with just about anything, give you an extra 40mm in height, and have a slightly angled heel.

These Manhattan black suede 40mm heel chelsea boots are ideal for smartening up casual blue or black denim or adding a more casual touch to a more formal suit.

Vincent Harness Black Zip Boot

If you are looking for some attitude to go with your newly found (or recently liberated) swagger, the Vincent Harness boot could do the trick. Its slightly edgier look still offers you a high level of comfort – and the 1.5 inch heels give you a higher level in general. The heels are slightly angled, with a hint of a Cuban heel for a bit more of a Latino touch. The harness with metal rings gives the boot a rockier, motorcyclist look, which, teamed with your extra height, makes you feel invincible.

Black Vincent 1.5 inch heel harness boots are pretty versatile and can be worn with most outfits, but they look especially great with a pair of dark skinny jeans or leather trousers.

Black Leather Memphis Zip Boot

The Memphis zip boot is essentially a simplified version of the Vincent Harness boot. The boot without the harness, a side zip, and a 1.5 inch heel. The black Memphis zip boot can be worn on any occasion – from a formal dinner, in the office, or on a smart/casual night out with friends. Regardless of the situation, you know that the extra height and confidence that it gives you will make you unforgettable and enable you to make the impact that you are looking for.

Black Memphis high heel boots are ideal with dark trousers, or blue or black jeans, whatever the occasion.


Brown Phoenix Zip Boot

The Phoenix zip boot is very similar to the Memphis zip boot, but with a slightly wider toe. It does, however, still give you the same 1.5 inches in height in a subtle way, giving you a stacked heel, and of course the same level of comfort that you would normally expect. It is fair to say that these Phoenix boots would not have looked out of place as one of The Beatles’ boots, oozes style and confidence, and radiates the attitude of someone who has just had a number one hit single.

Brown Phoenix zip boots look great with a pair of dark trousers or blue or black jeans.

Grey Suede Vincent Harness Boot

For those who are really wanting to draw attention to themselves, a pair of grey suede Vincent Harness boots would be right up your street. These boots give you the extra height that you need with the self-belief and attitude to back it up. The harness boots announce your arrival to the room from head to toe, telling everyone that you’re here and that you mean business.

These grey suede high heel harness boots have a stunning stacked 40mm heel, a silhouette that screams “look at me” and look dapper with dark trousers, black jeans, or something a little more outrageous!

With a pair of higher-heeled men’s boots, taller men don’t have to have all of the fun. These are the ideal way for shorter men to put their stamp on a room and get noticed. Whether you go for a simple Memphis zip boot, a classic Chelsea boot, or an edgier Vincent Harness boot, the extra height will have you looking and feeling great.

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