Are Men's boots sexy? A Woman’s Perspective

Why Every Man Needs a Pair of Boots

By our female staff writer.

When it comes to men’s footwear, I can categorically tell you that boots are the way forward.

As a woman who has always looked at what is on a man’s feet before anything else, I believe that his footwear can tell you (almost) everything that you need to know about a man.

And I have come to the conclusion that boots are the one piece of footwear that every man needs. Boots are not only functional – especially in the winter – but they also make men more attractive.

@dailytouchofclass/Thomas Bird grey Eastwood chelsea boots

They say that the concept of boots has been around since the days of the ancient Egyptians, and they have then evolved over the years, being used – and loved – by everyone from kings to soldiers to cowboys.

Boots are functional, yes. When it’s raining, or you need extra protection over the top of your feet. But there’s more to it than that.

Boots can make you look great, add some upscale style, and, frankly, make you look alluringly handsome.

So, what it is about a good pair of boots that can cause a women’s hearts to race and make men more attractive to us?

1. Boots give you confidence

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits that you can have as a man. And wearing those beautifully styled Chelsea boots will make you feel like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk, brimming with confidence and ready to walk into the heart of any lady.

@averagestyleguy/Thomas Bird oxblood Eastwood chelsea boots

Wearing a style of boot that matches your own look is the key. You can use your boots to show the world exactly who you are, making you feel great – and making others think that you look great.

The confidence that these burgundy oxblood Eastwood Chelsea Boots exude is palpable. They are exquisite either for dressing up or for a more casual look.

2. Boots can make you look elegant

Women love a man who looks clean and elegant and a pair of stylish boots do exactly this for you. The classic, simple lines of a Chelsea Boot or the minimalist and refined look of a Memphis Zip Boot are perfect examples of how your well-kept boots can make you look distinguished and appealing.

Don’t forget to use a shoe tree to help to dry the moisture in your boots and a shoe cream to nourish the leather, help it to avoid drying out, and keep your boots looking perfect, and you looking elegant. Bird black Memphis zip boots

I think that these black Memphis Zip Boots look elegant with a touch of edginess. Ideal for a man who likes to look charming but has a bit of a wild side, these look perfect with any trousers.

3. Boots can give you added height

There’s just something about taller men. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems that both women – and men – like men who are taller. But if you’re not blessed with the height of some men, worry not. A pair of slightly heeled boots can add an inch to your height without it being obvious that you are wearing a heel.

@lucaribero/Thomas Bird black Vincent harness boots

Heels can change the way that you hold yourself and walk as well. They can give you an added swagger and make you look more confident – even if you’re not feeling that confident - helping to make you more attractive than ever.

@xavierdelacruz/Thomas Bird black Vincent harness boots

Another style tip for men who are after a little more height is to wear slim-fitting trousers – and ones that don’t bunch around the ankles. Boots are ideal for this as your trousers won’t catch on the top of them.

These Chelsea Boots, Zip Boots, and Harness Boots all have a 40mm (1.5 inch heel version so they will give you a little extra height and I think they look great with slim trousers.

I love these Black Vincent Harness Zip Boots – especially when they’re teamed up with skinny jeans – or leather trousers…

4. They make your feet look bigger

Most men would be keen to have feet that look big. It’s a sign of masculinity and good health, which many women love. Boots can be used as a style accessory to make your feet look bigger – not just in length, but also in width – boosting your appeal to anyone that you are looking to attract.

A boot with a pointier toe, a chunkier boot, and choosing a light colour are all good tips to making your feet look bigger.

A beautiful pair of sleek Manhattan Chelsea Boots make your feet look bigger but in a proportionate way.

@dailytouchofclass/Thomas Bird black suede Manhattan chelsea boots

I think that these Grey Suede Eastwood Chelsea Boots are perfect for accentuating your feet size, elegant, and show that you have an abundance of stylistic flair. They look great with anything from a suit to dark jeans or chinos.

5. Leather is Manly

There’s something raw and masculine about men in leather. Whether it is a leather jacket casually slung over your shoulder or a stylish pair of Chukka Boots like the ones below, many women find a man in leather irresistible.

Science suggests that leather makes you look strong and manly – and who am I to argue with that?

All of our boots are made from top quality leather, perfect for accentuating your rugged good looks and bringing out the ‘daring’ in you…

@lucaribero/Thomas Bird tan suede Vincent harness boots

I think the way that these Tan Suede Vincent Harness Zip Boots are elegant yet make a statement and look great with blue or black jeans.

There is no doubt that a pair of boots make men feel more attractive. And when you feel attractive, you are attractive.

Choosing the right boot to suit who you are is essential, but amongst Thomas Bird’s exquisite range of top quality boots, there is a style and colour to suit everyone.

So yes, boot make a man more sexy.

But what do you think?

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